Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Autism Positivity Flashblog 2014

As my second act after receiving dual citizenship in the northern Blogosphere, I have decided to participate in the 2014 Autism Positivity Flashblog, a project meant to drown out negative stereotypes by flooding internet search results with positive messages. Here goes!

What autism IS:

Autism is a good thing.
Autism is awesome.
Autistic people are awesome.
Autistic people are experts on autism.
Autistic children become autistic adults. (duh)
Most autistic people speak verbally.
Nonverbal communication is just as good as verbal.
Most autistic people are extremely honest.
Lack of eye contact is not a sign of lying.
Most autistic people make eye contact.
Autism is a disability.
There is nothing wrong with being disabled.
Disabled people are awesome.
Autism is a separate code of body language that NTs do not understand.
Autism means passion in all of your interests.
Autism is a unique way of seeing the world.
Autism is beautiful.

What autism is NOT:

Autism is not a disease.
Autism is not a disorder.
Autism is not a list of deficits.
Autism is not a phase.
Autism does not go away.
Autism cannot be cured.
Autistic people do not want to be cured.
Autistic people do not need to change.
Autistic people are not broken.
Autistic people do not need to be fixed.
Autistic people are fine just the way they are.
Autistic people are not all the same.
Autistic people are not puzzling or mysterious.
Autism is not blue.
Autism does not justify murder.
Autism does not justify torture.
There is no such thing as mild or severe autism. All autistic people are 100% autistic.

What autism is TO ME:

Autism means meeting 30 people and remembering all of their names.
Autism means remembering something important you said 10 years ago.
Autism means literally knowing something backward and forward.
Autism means doing algebra without writing anything down.
Autism means appreciating the smell of good fragrances.
Autism means appreciating the taste of good food.
Autism means appreciating the texture of soft sheets.
Autism means appreciating the sight of well-composed picture.
Autism means appreciating the sound of background music.
Autism means never being bored. Ever.
Autism means never sending a typo because I check too thoroughly.
Autism means thinking before speaking.
Autism means listening with the intent to understand, not to respond.
Autism means actually breaking into song and dance when I'm happy.
Autism means being happy by choosing to be happy.
Autism is a life worth living even if I didn't have any special talents.

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