Copyright Policy

Posting content online is considered publishing, so by default, content on a blog is the sole property of the author with all rights reserved. By stating the following, I am granting you a greater ability to use my work beyond the right to fair use:

Content on Acting NT, including both text and images, is free for anyone to copy, modify, and/or redistribute as long as the usage meets ALL FOUR of the following conditions:
  1. The content was created by me (i.e. not a comment, quote, or unaltered image)
  2. The usage is not for profit.
  3. You credit me as "Autistic actor Daniel Au Valencia" (note the capital A in Autistic)
  4. Neither you nor your use of my work is associated with Autism Speaks, Talk About Curing Autism, Generation Rescue, or any similarly pro-eugenics organization, in any way other than protesting against one or more of those organizations.
This policy is similar to a Creative Commons or GNU license. If what you're doing would be allowed under one of those, you're probably fine.

If you are unsure whether your usage meets all of the above criteria, or it doesn't and you need permission to use my work, please contact me by leaving a comment on this page or via the form on the sidebar.

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