Everything Wrong With Vaxxed (Autism Sins)

Andy Wakefield is at it again! Stop to get your popcorn ready and answer all your texts, 'cause this video will make sure you really know EVERYTHING wrong with this movie.

The same guy who committed fraud in 1998, by saying that the MMR vaccine causes autism, in an attempt to sell his individual measles vaccine for profit, has now made a movie to say that the MMR vaccine causes autism, in an attempt to sell his individual measles vaccine for profit, while accusing everybody else of doing the things he's doing. Actual diseases and anti-autism eugenics are back in full swing in this silly conspiracy movie!

Autism Sins is a snarky, sometimes satirical series, where I review media portrayals of autism in a rip off- er, I mean, an homage to the format of CinemaSins.

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  1. I have been avoiding watching "VAXXED", even though I was sent a link to a place where it was for a tiny time. You actually made it bearable for me, especially with the on point commentary. Fantastic job!

    Wow, I had no idea that Wakefield went on and on and on about the particular MMR in Canada that caused meningitis. That was from the Urabe mumps strain used in some MMR vaccines. It was never used in the USA, which has only used the Jeryl Lynn mumps strain in the MMR introduced in 1971, and the updated version in 1978 (the rubella vaccine strain was changed).

    It came from Japan, but the meningitis caused them to drop it, so they only had a measles/rubella vaccine. The UK had two (out of three) MMR vaccines with Urabe mumps strain, but dropped both in 1992, and only uses an MMR with the Jeryl Lynn mumps strain. So when Wakefield told parents to get single vaccines some private clinics scrambled to get those vaccines, especially mumps, from other places. This is one interesting result:

    Yep! They were illegally importing the single mumps vaccine that caused meningitis because Wakefield said to use single vaccines! Also, this brings up the question if the UK had at least three different MMR vaccines, and he had an American kid the 1978 American MMR vaccine --- which is THE particular MMR vaccine that is supposed to cause autism? And if it any MMR vaccine, where is the documentation showing autism went up in the USA during the 1970s and 1980s after the first was introduced in 1971? I have asked this many times, but received no answers.

    Aaaagh... the movie pushed "Autism File" magazine! Thanks for telling me. Four years ago my son had a complex migraine (it mimics a stroke) and since he has a very severe genetic heart disorder (also not caused by vaccines) was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he stayed for four days (he got open heart surgery four months later, still not autism). While he was in the hospital I went to the gift shop for coffee and found several copies of that vile rag for sale. Even though it made me angry I bought a copy to show others how horrible it was. I made note of the parts that violated the hospital's policies. This was a hospital that offered my son an influenza vaccine before was released (he already had one), and requires all employees to be vaccinated. The next day I got a phone call from the hospital to survey me about our experience and I spilled about the presence of that magazine in their building. Then I wrote a letter of complaint.

    I got a very satisfactory response. They went down and confiscated the remaining copies. They were told the vendor "accidentally" left it with the normal magazine bundle for the gift shop. Because my son had follow up appointments with their cardiology department for the next few months I kept checking the gift shop. No more copies of that rag were ever seen (though they were at the local grocery store, where I kind of placed another magazine over them).

    1. As per his usual M.O. Andy complains about and accuses other people of problems that he himself caused. It's easy to distort the truth by omitting a crucial piece of the story, especially when it's your movie and you're in complete control of the narrative. Although in this case anyone with an ounce of skepticism will notice that this US-centric movie doesn't even claim that there were any meningitis outbreaks in the US. Unfortunately there isn't much overlap between "anti-vaxxers" and "anyone with an ounce of skepticism".

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    1. By the way, I was sent the link to your video by an autistic parent. Actually someone on the spectrum who is a parent (of someone on the spectrum). I just happen to be a parent of someone on the spectrum. This young person is a bit older than you, and we were told that even they could not speak they were not autistic because they smiled and laughed.

      This young person does speak after several years of speech therapy. Though the job accommodation is to listen to them patiently and ignore the stims because they are intelligent and can write!

      Fortunately reality intervenes and DSMs change, they got a final diagnosis and access to public supports. We have been working with state and private services to make the young person independent. It takes lots of gentle pushes to make this intelligent person get past their speech issues and anxieties, and many many more to get an employer to look at the whole person.

      It would also help if everyone would write to their congress critters to preserve the Affordable Care Act, SSI and community based waivers. There is so much value lost when you just look at the superficial aspects like looks, speech and stims, but ignore the full person's intelligence, thoughts and education. And then deny them supports.

      (yeah, I had to delete and reply to add one letter... woot!)

  3. The snark was beautiful. Love!

  4. Seven months later it has a big impact, Daniel.

    And it became even hotter after recent Australian behaviour and skulduggery. Some of which I address in YouTube comments.

  5. If you’re severely disabled as a result of a vaccination against certain diseases, you could get a one-off tax-free payment of £120,000. This is called a Vaccine Damage Payment.


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