Models of Pride 2017: Psychiatrization Of Queer Minds

One of the two workshops I led at the 25th Models of Pride in Los Angeles, California.

Captioned with manual transcription but automated timing. Parts of the video are blurred because not all attendees signed consent to photography.

Summary in the MOP program:
Did you know that homosexuality was once a mental illness? That the American Psychiatric Association STILL describes being asexual or transgender the same way? Come to this workshop to learn about the historical role of psychiatry in defining queer identities, and how to be an ally to those who are still getting pathologized.

The video from my second workshop, "Conversion Therapy: History and Reality" were unfortunately lost prior to backup due my phone being stolen. However, you can view the slides for the presentation at TinyURL.com/mop2017slides

Models of Pride is a queer youth conference held every year at the University of Southern California (USC). Visit ModelsOfPride.org to learn more.

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