Models of Pride 2017

At the 25th Models of Pride in 2017, I facilitated two (2) workshops, in association with Los Angeles Neurodiversity (LAND) and Southern California Against Forced Treatment (SCAFT):
Description: Did you know that homosexuality was once a mental illness? That the American Psychiatric Association STILL describes being asexual or transgender the same way? Come to this workshop to learn about the historical role of psychiatry in defining queer identities, and how to be an ally to those who are still getting pathologized.
Description: This history lesson / social activism workshop will teach you all about conversion therapy: What it is, how it works (or rather, how it doesn't work), why it was developed, and why many people are still being subjected to it today. Participating in this workshop will give you the tools to recognize abusive practices hiding under other names.

For each workshop, I prepared a slide presentation in Google Docs. You can view both of these online with or without a Google account.

Click here to vew the slides for "Psychiatrization of Queer Minds"

Click here to view the slides for "Conversion Therapy: History and Reality"

There is also a video available from the first workshop: (unfortunately none from the second survived.)

Models of Pride is a queer youth conference held every year at the University of Southern California (USC). Visit to learn more.